Carmen E. Kreis – circulaziun

Video work circulaziun from Carmen E. Kreis in Projektraum Bollag

The video work circulaziun was created in 2009 and represents a point of
departure for the Basel artist Carmen E. Kreis. The work makes it possible
to take a close look at an endangered species, the bee. Image and sound
material were recorded during residences in Nairs-Scuol and Neuchâtel.
That is why experts can even differentiate between the two different kinds
of bees. But that is not what this work is about. Only image editing, tone,
colour and rhythm have been added to the recorded material, in order to
shape it into a gripping, urgent work. And yet, it seems as if the components
had been torn apart, interrupted; as if movement and sound were pulling in
different directions. The dynamism thus created admits no look to the
horizon; the emphasis is first on the people and then, on their loneliness.
Over it all, the sound and its antipode, silence, hover.

An ideal place: Projektraum Bollag / raum19,6m³

Circulaziun will be seen for the next ten days in the Bollag project room
and in raum19,6m³. With this mobile showroom, Carmen E. Kreis has
found an ideal place for her work, which will exist only for this exhibition
in this particular constellation. The studio house Bollag's new building
with its matching project space has been enlarged by the mobile
showroom raum19,6m³. This could also in itself be a bee cart, since
it resembles an old construction site caravan. In this setting, circulaziun
represents the artist's starting point, while raum19,6m³ serves as a mobile
projection space that gives her work a sense of meaning and authenticity.

Text (in German): Rafael Lutter, February 2010

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